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How we met
The long ...
Once upon a time (in the early, early 80's) there was a playgroup. Jesse, Nadine, and Michelle were 5 years old. Michelle had two older siblings, Scott was 8 and Kimberly was 10. When the older kids felt like it, they would run the show. Kim was the mom for the game of house, Scott was the dad (because he was the only boy old enough to walk) and Jesse, Nadine and Michelle were allowed to be the "dogs". Now what self respecting child would want to be a dog in the game of house? Michelle wouldn't; Nadine wouldn't; but Jesse "liked playing with that boy," much to her mother's chagrin.
We would like to point out that we have NO pictures or personal memories of any of these playgroup events, but both of our mothers confirm that we did indeed play together when we were children.
... and short of it
Many years after the "long story", Jesse and Michelle went to the same high school for Jesse's senior year. Many changes had taken place in Scott's family ... He was living with friends, Michelle was in foster care, etc. Jesse noticed this cute guy who came to all Michelle's games, hung out with her classmates (The Voss'), and was even seen at the high school church youth group that Jesse attended. Needless to say like many boys at church and school that Jesse knew - Scott was clueless* (not to imply that Jesse knew what she was doing, wanted, etc. - but she had a better idea of the opposite sex then Scott did.)
They both ended up in the church's youth choir (Living Water - see Larry Sue's link below). This is where they had their first conversation of record ... Scott and Nathan Prince told Jesse, "if you can breathe for us in this section, we'll breathe for you over there . . ." Needless to say, over the course of Jesse's summer before college they became good friends and spent LOTS of time talking and getting to know each other. Jesse left for UW (University of Washington) in late September - it was a heartbreaking thing to leave Scott! They talked by phone ($400 phone bills are not fun), wrote letters, and Scott even sent balloons, but is was still terrible to be apart! Jesse came home to visit in late October, they spent ALL day Saturday together - not wanting the time to end. Finally at about 10pm (they had originally met for lunch!) in Burger King, then a Baja Fresh, then a Boudin SF, Scott finally got the courage up** to ask Jesse if she would like to be "more than friends." That was October 23, 1994! ... the rest is history =]
* The editors would like it to be noted that the depiction of Scott as "clueless" is under contention, and based on Scott's tendency to keep his thoughts to himself, may very likely be inaccurate.
** The editors would also like it to be noted that "getting up the courage" looks very much like "waiting for the right moment". The final choice of the "right moment" may be viewed as not lending strong support to this hypothesis, but it should be noted regardless.